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From Western's IG POST

First, we have NOT been shut down. *********With the COVID-19 pandemic things are changing by the week, day and every couple of hours. To keep everyone (riders and their families, our staff and their families) as safe as possible we are going to make some drastic adjustments to how we are temporally moving forward.**** For the next couple of weeks we WILL NOT HAVE A REGULAR OPEN PRACTICE but we will be trying something new.**** We will have private track rentals available for a maximum of 20 riders, 1 track only for 4 hours $750. We can run a maximum of two sessions per day. 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. The track that has been rented will be fully prepped and watered. We can not prep the same track for back to back rentals in one day. So we suggest not renting that track unless the second session of riders are willing to ride the track with only water and as is condition after the first session has been completed (please do not ask for a discount). Each rider will be allowed one spectator. **Everyone must abide by all of the social distancing rules.** The kids track will be open during all sessions but a rider on that track will be considered as one of the 20 riders. We are working on online payment and wavers (once that is done all info will be posted) that will have a link on our website someone who has paid for a session $37.50 per rider (includes one spectator) will only need to show an ID at the gate. Once all of the riders have arrived the gates will be closed. A track session must be paid for by all 20 riders 24 hours in advance. If we do not get the total of 20 riders or spots paid for that session will be canceled and a refund will be issued. Anyone is welcome to buy out all of the spots themselves but can not fill those spots with other riders themselves. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation moving forward. ******there is light at the end of this tunnel!! We are in middle of finalizing our plan and permits to install lights so we can have a night track for the summer months once everything goes back to normal. We hope to have them up as soon as possible. More info to come.

Stay healthy and safe!


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