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  • Troy

Stay positive; it always gets better!

From IG @cookseymedia

July 91’ was a tough time, just turned pro, and was working out a plan for the 1992 @supercrossliveseason. I crashed at an offseason money race in Colorado and suffered two broken arms. I ended up having four surgeries on each arm; it was tough. Adding to that, my dad quit on me and traded everything for Go-Karts. He included the entire family but left me out. It was tough seeing your race bike sold so your sister-in-law could race karts with your family. It was brutal on my psyche and self-esteem, but in hindsight, it allowed me to do regular kid stuff and round out my life skills. Partied a LOT and even worked at a ski resort one winter. After a couple of years, I bought a bike and was back to racing but never got even close to the heights I had expected. My wrists had so much scar tissue it caused severe arm pump, so racing at a high level was almost impossible.

At the age of 23, I officially let the dream die and took a job driving limousines as I attended Arizona State. The good thing about starting college late is I had a purpose and received lots of financial aid. Sometimes bad things turn into great adventures! If I never got hurt, I can't say life would have been more fun than the route I have taken. The COVID-19 virus has undoubtedly changed many lives. Hopefully, it leads to some unexpected life changes for the better. Stay positive; it always gets better!

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