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Mawhinney Motorsports Winter National

Winter Nationals was definitely a blast!

We took a new car that we haven’t had a lot of laps with and had some pretty decent success and almost transferred into the first A main of the week.

After it was all said and done , we had a lot of speed in the car but we fought some bad luck. No matter what we seemed to keep getting caught up in other peoples wrecks or having a RR tire explode on us in a heat race didn’t help.

But…We battled back every time and made two A mains which was tough to do with stiff competition from 80 plus cars fighting for 28 spots.

Congratulations to our buddy Tim Ward on winning the championship!

Up next, we’re looking forward to racing in Casa Grande for the Early Thaw event in just a few weeks at Central Arizona Raceway.

A special “Thank You” to Brad and the crew who are one of the best track promoters in the nation for putting on such an awesome event!

Thanks also everyone who makes it possible to go racing @deltaguniteshotcrete @off_the_wahl @stoneysrockincountry @lanefrostbrand @precisionperf @twofourspeed @jamieemlee @mmawhinney2112 @cocopahspeedway3 @tim4tw @bradwhitfield3 #imcamodified #raceimca

PC- @twofourspeed

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