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Hard Truth: Why So Much Negativity? This Is The Opportunity Of A Lifetime!


When I first heard about the plan to finish all seven rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross series in Glendale, I was ecstatic. Racing in May looks to be the storybook return Supercross needs, but I am blown away with all the negative feedback from my fellow media members. The move by Feld is the most unselfish and bold move I have ever seen by the promoter. The publicity and fan attention this will bring is beyond what this sport has EVER seen.

(When rumors surfaced about riders not wanting to race, Ken Roczen's name was floated, still a rumor but if he doesn't race fans will never let him off the hook)

Is going racing all seven rounds on the heels of the most significant crisis in modern history a risky proposition, of course! Feld is criticized for being selfish or greedy, but this is not the case. These seven rounds could preserve the health of Supercross moving forward; we could grab attention and exposure that could ensure television and streaming revenue moving into 2021. There are no guarantees that stadiums will ever be allowed to pack fans like sardines. The income in future years might be almost entirely from digital media, and once all the other sports start hosting events, it will be much harder to get fans attention. The "Glendale 7" could be a sport saving move

(The Champ says he is ready to go racing, if he is ready everyone should be ready)

If the Arizona Governor allows this event to take place and individual teams and riders decide not to participate, their images will never recover. It’s hard to imagine with all the health precautions being arranged along with the new information about COVID-19, these guys would be scared for their health. Racing Supercross is insanely dangerous, far more dangerous than COVID-19. I have to think if someone doesn’t want to go racing, it’s because they weren’t staying ready during the break. I understand this was supposed to take place in the fall, but during a global pandemic, Feld can’t be locked into their initial statements. Information changes by the moment, and these professionals will have four weeks from the time of the initial announcement to the first gate drop. If they can’t be ready, maybe they need to rethink some life choices.

(With only the "Glendale 7 " left, can Eli close it out? That's a lot of pressure)

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